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[leafnode-list] leafnode, nn, text browsers


this question may sound a bit stupid for
many of you, but i've read the documentation
several times (even the faq on the web), tried 
many things, so i have decided to bother you
a little.

after 2 hours, i managed to install and retrieve
some news from my favorite newsgroup. the point
is that i don't know how to browse the messages.
can you give advice on a linux news client for 
text? can i read news with mutt? the distribution
i use is debian 2.2.

i tried to do it with nn, but it says: "can't
find active file". it sounds similar to a faq
on the faq, but with tin. i tried that solution 
too. i know this is not a nn mail list, but i
don't know of another news text reader.

in short, 2 questions:

1. advice on a simple news text client / browser?

2. what is that nn error?

3. has any1 tried nn with leafnode? is nn a
well-suited news reader for leafnode, or is 
it too complex and performant?

thanks in advance,

ps: i have some comments to do on the documentation,
which i find obscure in several points (for a 
news administrador neophyte). i can volunteer to 
write something if the coordinator finds it 
necessary. otoh, the config file is excellently 
self-documented, and in general, the documentation
is above linux average.

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