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[leafnode-list] Leafnode cannot post

Hello all,

I'm using leafnode 1.9.18, with Netscape 4.72 as my newsreader. Whenever
I try to post a news article through leafnode, I get the status line
reply "xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-x already available upstream" where
xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-x is the file number assigned to the post in the
out.going directory. Needless to say that my posts don't make it to the

At first I thought it was some weird problem wrt my ISP, but krn (the
only offline newsreader on my system) has no problems posting queued
articles. And Netscape posts fine while online as well, but this is not
an ideal solution (I'm on dialup in Belgium, a country where you pay by
the minute).

Another weird thing is that I had previously leafnode working perfectly
on my system, queued posting and all. However, that was on a Mandrake
7.0 distribution, while I have now switched (back) to SuSE, 6.4 to be

Suggestions anyone?



Karel Jansens

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