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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews hangs

On 15-Jan-2001 Cornelius Krasel wrote:
[fetchnews hangs if connection lost]
> Use either "kill -INT" or "kill -TERM" (which is equivalent to just
> using "kill"). In this case, fetchnews will finish properly. In neither
> case are postings lost that have already been downloaded. Even if kill
> the process with SIGKILL, the postings are already on your harddisk;
> only the overview information and the active file are not updated.
> Both will be done by the next run of either fetchnews or texpire.

Oh, thats new to me. So my problem isn't a problem anymore. 

> The timeout code in fetchnews 1.9.18 is quite unsatisfactory. Even worse,
> the timeout code in the fetchnews 2.x beta versions is as bad as the code
> in 1.9.18.

Are you still interested in a backtrace?


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