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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews hangs


On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Mathias Waack wrote:

> I'm new on this list, I've searched both the FAQ and the mailing
> list archive for my problem, but I still didn't found an answer.
> Forgive me if I overlooked something.
> I'm using a "standalone" Mail/News/.../-Server at home. It checks
> for news 2 times a day. Sometimes the connection get interrupted
> before fetchnews finishes its job. In this cases fetchnews
> hangs forever, I must kill it. This is a very unsatisfying situation
> on an autonomous server. Would it be possible to give fetchnews
> a timeout? Or to kill it without losing the already downloaded postings?

I am using the following in my ip-down (or better self-made
ip-before-down :-) ) :

    if [ $USE_LEAF ] ; then
	[ $VERB ] && echo -n "Waiting for fetchnews to die."
        killall -2 fetchnews
         while [ "`pidof fetchnews`" ] ; do
            [ $VERB ] && echo -n .
            sleep 1
            let COUNTER COUNTER++
            [ $COUNTER -eq 55 ] && killall -15 fetchnews
            [ $COUNTER -gt 60 ] && killall -9 fetchnews
       [ $VERB ] && echo

Set $VERB to `1` to get a verbose output....

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