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Re: [leafnode-list] Can fetchnews un-buffer stdout?

Lloyd Zusman <ljz@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Why should a shell redirection switch from line to full buffering?
> Because stdio is smart (or tries to be).  It automatically checks via
> the appropriate ioctl() calls (or perhaps simply via isatty(), which
> usually sits atop ioctl) what kind of device that stdout is going to.
> If it's going to a terminal, the output is line buffered.  If it's
> going to a file and perhaps other types of devices, the output is no
> longer line buffered, and we get the behavior which I mentioned above.

Wow. No wonder glibc is big, fat, bloated. Anyhow, there are functions
in leafnode which are called from (almost) every program, they could
take the setvbuf() calls. 

Matthias Andree

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