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[leafnode-list] Can fetchnews un-buffer stdout?

Is there any way that the verbose output of `fetchnews' could be
written to stdout unbuffered?  I normally run `fetchnews' via `cron'
as follows:

 11,26,41,56 * * * * /usr/local/sbin/fetchnews -vvv \
                     1>>/var/spool/news/log/fetchnews.log 2>&1

But because the stdout isn't buffered, I can't do a meaningful `tail
-f' on my `fetchnews.log' file to monitor its output in real time.
When I do this, I get huge blobs of data filling my log file every
15-30 seconds when things are running fine.  But when there's some
sort of problem or slowness on the part of `fetchnews', I can't see
what's happening to it by monitoring the log, due to this unbuffered

I'd be happy to submit a patch to `fetchnews' (or maybe to other
leafnode-based utilities as well), to put some `fflush(stdout)' calls
in appropriate places, or to un-buffer stdout in some different way.

What do you folks think of this idea?

 Lloyd Zusman

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