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Re: [leafnode-list] Something's wrong with getaline?

* Cornelius Krasel <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [010112 10:15]:
> Juergen Salk wrote:
> > "Unknown reply to XOVER command: 211 2845 1 4418 de.comp.os.unix.misc"
> Looks like fetchnews and the upstream header are out of sync; the
> above looks not like the reply to XOVER (which fetchnews expects)
> but to GROUP. Same for your XHDR example.
> Are you able to provide a full debug log of one of these incidents?

Sure. But unfortunately the upstream server seems to be down now. The 
really annoying thing is that it is friday evening where they all have 
wandered off somewhere. I guess it won't be up again until monday morning. 

Regards - Juergen.

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