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Re: [leafnode-list] Local newsgroups possible with leafnode-2.0b7 ?

Stefan Wiens wrote:

> Wilhelm Meier <meier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > it seems to be a XOVER problem. The article now show (after enabling
> > debug mode ?) up in the news-spool. But the reply to XOVER ist an error.
> > So Netscape does not show the article ...


> This coul be changed by setting xovergroup to NULL after group
> selection in nntpd.c:dogroup().

I think it would be even more sensible to set xovergroup to NULL after
posting the article. The following patch for 2.0b8 does this:

--- nntpd.c.orig	Fri Jan 12 10:30:43 2001
+++ nntpd.c	Fri Jan 12 10:36:23 2001
@@ -1274,6 +1274,7 @@
 	default: {
 	    nntpprintf( "240 Article posted, now be patient" );
+	    xovergroup = NULL;

This will force doxover() to re-read the xover information from file.
In this case it may be even unnecessary to call gfixxover() in the
forked child process since getxover() (called by doxover()) will
reconstruct the overview information anyway; but I have to have a
closer look into this.


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