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Re: [leafnode-list] Local newsgroups possible with leafnode-2.0b7 ?

Wilhelm Meier wrote:


> I'm using Netscape 4.5 / Windows2000 as the news client. The
> leafnode-server runs on sunos-4.1.4.
> Directly after posting the messages appears in
> /var/spool/news/out.going.

It should also immediately appear in 
/var/spool/news/name/of/local/newsgroup . If this doesn't work, we
have to find out what's going wrong. It is possible that the fork()
in nntpd.c::dopost() is failing for some reason, but in that case,
I think you should see an error message.

In contrast to the 1.x versions, Leafnode 2.x does not need a connection
to the upstream server to sort articles into the spool.


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