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Re: [leafnode-list] Local newsgroups possible with leafnode-2.0b7 ?

Wilhelm Meier wrote:

> I am a novice user to leafnode and I wonder if it is possible to really
> use local newsgroups in leafnode-2.0b7. The normal operation of leafnode
> is quite well. But I experimented with local newsgroups as stated in the
> README. It is possible to subscribe the local newsgroup and I can post
> to it. The posting is visible in the out.going directory of the
> leafnode-server, but never shows up in the news reader.

What newsreader are you using? My experiences with local groups are
restricted to tin.

Does the local posting appear in the news spool (i.e. in
/var/spool/news/name/of/local/group/) ?


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