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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode-Problem: [Translation into English]

Am Mittwoch dem 10. Jan 2001 um 11:30 +0100 Uhr, meinte Matthias Andree:


Thanks for every answer in this list. Specific thanks to Alan for his fine
translation :-)

> Last summer, I had the unfortunate possibility to pull news off a
> Y2k-bugful NNTPCache. This thing is buggy like hell and he better
> contact the news admin who runs NNTPCache, even INN would be a better
> replacement, I presume.

I have no influence about this things by this provider.
Yesterday i recieve a mail from this provider and he said, that he has a
problem with the news-server at the moment (german):

Wir arbeiten ununterbrochen an der Erweiterung und Verbesserung unseres
Leider kam es dabei zu unerwarteten Schwierigkeiten, die den Abschluss der
Arbeiten verzoegern und die Einwahl zum Newsserver behindern.

Now i have change the news-server to another one (news.cis.dfn.de) and every
thing is looking good at the moment from here.

CU H.Lau
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