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[leafnode-list] RPM (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-2.0b6)

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Though not being the maintainer, I'd like to junk that makerpm.sh
> script, leafnode can have a leafnode.spec in an arbitrary directory so
> the downloader can just do
>         rpm -tb leafnode-whateverversion.tar.gz
> and have a binary RPM ready to install, eliminating the need for any
> special treatment. 

That's my view as well - far better than having to download,
/configure, and then "make rpm" (which performs "make dist", then
copies the tarball, uncompresses it, configures again, builds, etc...)

> (leafnode.spec is currently automatically generated
> by configure from leafnode.spec.in)

Not here it isn't! do your -ma versions do this, or are you suggesting
that this is how the spec file should be created?

Currently, leafnode.spec is created by the makerpm.sh script. I can
see a couple of advantages to this way of doing things: such as,
having the install directories configurable from the ./configure stage
and then passed through to the RPM package, and getting the version
info automatically updated; but apart from that it is ugly, and not
easy to maintain. As things stand, the packaging stage is broken.

Additionally, at present although I have modified the script which
works up to a point, it does fall over building the RPM when trying to
read the filelist - the error is:

Could not open %files file:

..although that file does in fact exist. If the filelist is appended
to the spec file directly, everything works perfectly. How often has
the contents of the filelist changed? I think it probably hasn't
altered significantly for some time, so it may be easier to maintain
as part of a single spec file, or again as a standard file in the

The current spec file does not contain anything under the %clean
directive, other than the comment "do a cleanup manually" (not very
user friendly). I'm also concerned that the current method of the
install directories (/usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin) flowing through
from the configure script is not very standard - fixed install
directories should really be defined for the purposes of the Leafnode
RPM (possibly following the FHS).

Although I'm new to the project, I'm happy to volunteer myself to help
tidy this up - but I don't want to step on anyone else's toes! I could
also provide binary RPMS with releases. If other people could join in
with their own views, it would help to decide how the RPM side of
things should be structured.

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