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[leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-2.0b6_ma1


leafnode-2.0b6_ma1 is available for download at:


There's only a bzip2 compressed tar with PCRE.

NOTE! This has not yet undergone extensive testing, so handle with
care. Merging diverged branches (2.0b6 <-> 2.0b5_ma7) always carries the
danger of not seeing one bug, so please report also the least bug or
strangeness, except signal handling on Solaris which is known to throw
some prototype warnings.

Mostly a merge of the remaining 2.0b5_ma7 bits, some bugfixes.

Cornelius, may I ask then when you merge, you don't incorporate my files
into others (such as h_strerror that's in nntputil.c in 2.0b6)? Leave
them separately, please, and just name them on LIBFILES/SRCFILES to get
things working. I also recommend that you look into ln_log, which is a
more unified output-and-log system, which can log only to stderr, to
stdout, to syslog or to combinations of these.

I did not see what was wrong with my getline/getaline implementation,
though I'll try to merge vstreams from Postfix (it has timeout handling
built in) in to drop some major ballast. If there's no -ma1 specific bug
report until Jan 15, I'd appreciate if you could merge these things into
b7 so we can have our branches (2.0bX vs. 2.0bY_maZ) converge again.

(Yes, I know, ln_log not having %m sucked big time, I was not aware at
the time I implemented it that %m does not support width or other
parameters, unlike %s.)

In the future, I'd like to get rid of all those opendir/readdir loops
all over the place and to get finally rid of stdio.h which sucks
(effectively, I'd like to bash redundancy out of leafnode). See also the TODO.

Changelog excerpt (might even be incomplete):

History of 2.0b6ma1 -- changes since 2.0b6:

* compile tested on:
  - SuSE Linux 7.0 i386
  - FreeBSD 4.0 i386
  - Solaris 2.7 USparc (throws warnings for signal, harmless)

Merged with 2.0b5_ma7½ current.
Most notable changes:

	* messy ChangeLog
	* AUTHORS now has the names that were at the top of the source
	* cleaned up Makefile a lot, changed mode 4755 to 4750
	  * no longer takes over ownership of files/dirs already present
	    (reported for former version by Johannes Teveßen)
	  * allows configuring and building outside of source tree
 	    (useful if compiling multiple architectures at once)
	  * proper man path handling
	  * more compact handling (switched to rules)
	  * add some .PHONY directives
	  * move GZIP path into config.c
	  * no longer needs makedepend (but needs gcc now)
	  * much more compact install/uninstall sections
	* Formatted README.html properly (now weblint-proof)
	  * proper section nesting
	  * removed spurious leading white space
	* Add to TODO
	* Reintroduce 1.9.17ma3/2.0b5_ma7-getline/getaline
	* Fix ln_log.c to handle %m (only in this form!)
	* switch logging to ln_log, reduces code size and enhances
	* attributes.h to encapsulate __attributes__ GCC extension
	* remove config.c from distribution, autogenerated by Makefile
	* b_sortnl.c as ultra-short non-locale-dependent sort
	  replacement lest sort breaks space collation
	* switch config parsing to bsearch (uses b_sortnl)
	* config.table enhances maintainability and gives shorter code
	* configparam.[ch]: new, parse config parameters
	* configure{,.in}: go search bzip2 as well, check UID_T, fix
	  socklen_t check for FreeBSD 4, fix spooldir/confdir/lockfile,
	  add -lcrypt only to CRYPTLIB, fix PCRE autodetection
	* split critmem
	* dirutil: open_dir variants for common directories
	* fetchnews: reintroduce STAT
	* replace some sscanf by the more efficient and smaller get_long
	* fix some debug mode tampering
	* str_ulong: fast formatter (to replace printf crap)
	* h_error.[ch]: proper logging of gethost* error conditions
	* move BLOCKSIZE to leafnode.h
	* fix leafnode.spec.in and RPM building (unlike 1.9.17_ma, this
	  requires root permissions for chown, cannot be fixed with
	  reasonable effort without automake)
	* ln_log.c: new logging wrapper, like syslog, but with more
	  output options (can log %m to stderr) and EMERG/ALERT/CRIT
	* makedepend.sh: new (XFree86 4.x makedepend gave headaches)
	  requires gcc
	* junked makerpm.sh
	* miscutil: make table of directories
	* switch uid/gid handling to ugid library
	* nntpd.c: handle POST without body
	* speed up xoverinfo handling
	* don't use printf on constant strings
	* fix sprintf in Message-ID recommendation
	* nntputil.c: split h_strerror again (it's INTENTIONALLY
	* fix some minor memory leaks (tempfilename etc.)

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Matthias Andree
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