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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-2.0b6

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> There are still a lot of things to do before a non-beta version of
> Leafnode can be released. At the moment I am aware of the following
> problems:
> 1) "make dist" fails at the moment when compressing the tarballs. I
>    have no idea why.

I found that the RPM building stuff was broken in 2.0b5, and also in
1.9.16 thru 1.9.18. If "make dist" is failing, that will continue to
break it... however, in my hacky attempt to build myself an RPM for
1.9.18 over the weekend, among other things I had to:

- (ignore the "make rpm" or makerpm.sh scripts);
- create a tarball containing both leafnode and the pcre stuff all
together - separately it would NOT work;
- hack the appropriate files to stop them clearing out the pcre
directory (or build would fail, not finding pcre.h);
- change the name of the CHANGES file to ChangeLog in the filelist;
- alter the spec file so that it contained the generated filelist
(there was a problem with reading it from a file);
- run "rpm -bb" in order to create the binary RPM from the spec, and
clean up manually afterwards.

There may have been some other hoops I had to jump through, too... it
was a real PITA, anyway :-(

I didn't automate any of that, or create an appropriate patch - I've
only just joined this list, so maybe the RPM-building problems have
been discussed before (although I didn't see anything in the list

I'll download 2.0b6 in a minute and see if I can see where "make dist"
is falling over, as that will only complicate matters.

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