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Re: [leafnode-list] 2.0b status

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> 9) If the complete grouplist is retrieved from a new server, the
>    new groups are not shown as new. Reported by Stefan Wiens
>    <s.wi@xxxxxxx>. Therefore some newsreaders (netscape, slrn) do
>    not find the group because they cache the list.

These groups will not be listed after a NEWGROUPS command because
in groupinfo they have a creation date of 0. 

> 12) nntpd: postings in non-existent newsgroups are happily accepted
>     with 240. I have no idea what happens to them afterwards -
>     probably they get lost. (11Jan01)

Leafnode cannot rely on the upstream servers doing all the sanity
checks on a message.

I think is is necessary to check the entire head before accepting an
article to post. This would include syntax checks on certain headers.

> 18) Groups that are not in the active file will never be deleted by
>     texpire. Is this a bug or a feature?

Documented bug. How could group directories be safely distinguished
from other /var/spool/news subdirectories, which should not be subject
to expiry?

> 19) 120101: Wilhelm Meier <meier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> & Stefan Wiens:
>             GROUP bla.bla
>             XOVER
>             POST into bla.bla
>             XOVER

Here, the new posting need not show up.

>             the new posting doesn't show up. If a GROUP is inserted
>             before the XOVER command, it works.

The problem is here.
GROUP advertises an article range which includes the new article, but
XOVER doesn't know about it.

> 20) When expiring the last article from a local group, the counters
>     are apparently still reset to 1.

Texpire shouldn't delete empty local group directories (using
readlocalgroups() and islocalgroup() when appropriate), and
(in nntpd.c) dogroup() should not fake a "0 0 0" line if the group
directory is empty.

At least one of my upstream servers outputs a first article number
higher than the last article number in its LIST ACTIVE and GROUP
response for an empty group. I haven't tried to implement this
behaviour into leafnode yet; I'm unsure if it would lead to problems
(it shouldn't).


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