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[leafnode-list] Security options?

For awhile, I've been running a leafnode server that has been open to the
world.  Its worked fine, and I've had no problems.  However, earlier in the
week, a spammer found me, and started posting to my server.  Fortunately,
this surge in traffic filled up /var/, so I had plenty of time to figure out
what the problem was, and disabled fetchnews until I could find a solution.
I thought about implementing tcp wrappers, but that really won't help me
much, as I setup leafnode so that I could get to my newsserver from any ISP.
I'd like to implement some username/password authentication method for
leafnode; my news reader supports logins, but I can't find out if leafnode
can.   I'm also open to any other suggestions.

Donald Roeber
"I've had amnesia more times than I can remember"

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