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[leafnode-list] Blocked Senders Feature ?

Hi there,

I'm using an news client (knode) that doesn't support (yet ?) the blocked 
senders feature.
Can "leafnode" help me with that ?

I'ved setup a "filterfile" as described in the documentation (is activated in 
the "config" file)

But I couldn't find the sintax for more complex features such as this.
I've tried adding :


to the filterfile, but that doesn't seems to work.
After the "fetchnews -vvvv" it goes like this (in all articles) :

1.9.18: verbosity level is 4
Trying to connect to news1.telepac.pt ... connected.
< Doesn't complain about not finding the filterfile so it must be reading it>
pt.ciencia.geral: receiving article 32830 (0 more up in the air)
..saw header Path:
..saw header From:
..saw header Newsgroups:
..saw header Subject:
..saw header Date:
..saw header Lines:
..saw header Message-ID:
..saw header Xref:
storing <95n2ub$ljj$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: pt.ciencia.geral

So it seems that "leafnode" is not seeing the headers of the news messages 
he's downloading.

Can this be fixed (if true!) ?
How can I block a particular article based on "From" and "Subject" headers in 
Leafnode ?

Thank's in advance,

Nuno Nunes

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