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Re: [leafnode-list] v 2.0b8_ma2, is delay body working?

* Volker Apelt <va@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [010211 19:53]:
> Is the delay body feature working in v 2.08b_ma2 ?

There are indeed some problem with delaybody mode in leafnode-2.08b.
Some of them were recently discussed here. You may have a look at the 
archive <http://www.leafnode.org/archive/2001/Jan/threads.html>.

I don't know much about the ma branch (in all honesty: I know *nothing*
about it), but from your description, it seems that all that was said 
there regarding delaybody mode in 2.08b is valid for 2.08b_ma2 as well.

Best regards - Jürgen.

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