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Re: [leafnode-list] local groups, use as archive

phil hunt schrieb am Sonntag, den 11. Februar 2001:

> > Your newsreader should do that.
> Why do you say that?

Because it allows full control over what posts you want archived. With
server-side archiving, you can set up filters, but that's the
administrator's job -- and as such, it's orthogonal to what leafnode
aims at.

It's feasible, and a full-archive does not require much code changes,
but it's not as flexible as a newsreader-archive as in Gnus/Emacs, for
example. Press * and it's archived. In-place. After Server expiry. No
need to remember where you stored it.

> On what grounds is an architecture where the newreader archives the posts
> better than an architecture where the local-newsserver/news-cache 
> archives the posts?

That's an implementation issue. The overall code quality in leafnode is
not good, particularly, error detection and propagation leave much to

> I would have thought the latter was better, because if the newsserver
> allows the archives to be accessed by nntp, you can still look at them
> if you change newsreader.

That's a valid point, but then again, I haven't seen Unix newsreaders which
would use a proprietary format other than "one article per file" or one
of the common mailbox formats. Not sure about Windows clients. Someone
with decent software here (!= Outlook) who can comment?

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