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Re: [leafnode-list] local groups, use as archive

On 16 Feb 2001 01:32:38 +0100, Matthias Andree wrote:

>phil hunt <philh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> > That's an implementation issue. The overall code quality in leafnode is
>> > not good, particularly, error detection and propagation leave much to
>> > desire.
>> I find the leafnode code hard to read; C functions spanning hundreds
>> of lines are not to my taste.
>Not to mine either, and it's not used securely, as macro assemblers such
>as C :*) seldomly are. Seriously, the ANSI-C libraries encourage unsafe

>I'm wondering if switching to C++ would buy us anything, because it
>would require reworking all APIs and group libraries functions and data
>structures into classes, but I'm not feeling like spinning of yet
>another leafnode derivative to try it, I don't have the time to do it;
>and then again, a rewrite from scratch might be much cleaner, and
>Cornelius is not there at the moment to comment, and I presume he might
>not be too inclined to switch. 

The first step in switching to C++ is compiling the existing code 
with g++. That could improve the current implementation as well. 

>C++ would bring some portability issues,
>and with some real passing around of classes, it gets a space and
>performance issue as well. It might be like working around broken old
>STL, working around old compilers and things, which would then
>compensate the advantages somewhat.

You shouldn't work around "old" stl. They are either conforming
or not.  And nonconforming should be replaced with STLPort ... :-)


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