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Re: [leafnode-list] "ma" versus non-"ma"? (was: Requesting version 2.0 status summary.)

On Thu, Feb 22, 2001 at 07:43:32AM -0500, Lloyd Zusman wrote:
> Also, as for the second question in my query: can anyone point me to a
> discussion about the "ma" version of the beta, especially something
> which discusses when the two branches of the tree (the "ma" and the
> non-"ma" branches) are expected to be joined again?  Or is it planned
> that the two versions will remain separate for the forseeable future?

I can, of course, not speak for Matthias, but my percepetion of
the ma branch always has been similar to the ac patches to the
linux kernel. Some of Matthias' changes go into the official
(i.e. Cornelius') leafnode, some of them don't. If Cornelius
releases a new version Matthias ports his uncomitted changes to
the new release. 
	Anyway, the two are not really different. The release cycle 
of the ma branch is a bit shorter but contains usually the same 
functionality as the official branch. IIRC Matthias has never 
added a new user side feature but only new APIs (clean style
being more his intention than "feature creep").


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