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Re: [leafnode-list] Post's don't show up!

h3rb schrieb am Dienstag, den 27. Februar 2001:

> I have setup leafnode on redhat 7 and it's accepting connections.  I am
> using it as a local group server only, for local tech's.  No incoming or
> outgoing feeds.  I have created a test group called techs.test and from
> another machine I can connect to the server.  View the list of groups and
> subscribe to them.  But when I go to post a test message.  It never shows up
> on the server.  The user news owns all the directories in the
> /var/spool/news directory.  I am using xinetd and the addition to xinetd
> looks as such:

Please update to the latest 2.0b and retry.

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