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Re: [leafnode-list] alpha-do-not-use-work-in-progress-release: 2.0b8_ma2.1-alpha (was: Post's don't show up!)

Ok.  I am convinced I am doing something wrong!  Post's still don't show up.
I hate to be such a pest here.  Let me walk you through how I am setting
this up.
First I ./configure to configure leafnode for my system.
Next i do a make to compile leafnode
Then I make install to install leafnode.
After that I edit /etc/leafnode/config with just the following lines
server = localhost
expire = 9999
Then I create /etc/leafnode/local.groups and add the group
test.test       test group
Now, from what I understand leafnode should be configured.  I am using
xinetd and it's already configured to accept connections for
/usr/local/sbin/leafnode on port 119, as my xinetd config from earlier
shows.  Just to be on the safe side i restart xinetd.  Now Leafnode should
be ready to accept post's right?  I move over to my windows machine and open
up outlook express.  I setup a new news account and download a list of
newsgroups.  It shows my test.test group with the description I have given
it.  When I go to view that group it shows the one placeholder message.  I
then go to post just a test post and hit send.  The post goes away and I go
to get a list of new headers and my post does not show up!  I can't find
that message i just sent anywhere in the /var/spool/news folder.  And that
folder and subdirectories are owned by news.  I am willing to allow someone
access to my machine to see if they can see where I have went wrong.  I am
beginnin to feel like an idiot here =)  Once again.  Thanks for your help!

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From: "Matthias Andree" <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 7:13 PM
Subject: [leafnode-list] alpha-do-not-use-work-in-progress-release:
2.0b8_ma2.1-alpha (was: Post's don't show up!)

> "h3rb" <herbsworld@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I have upgraded to the package you have suggested below.  Leafnode still
> > doesn't post any of the messages sent to the server.  Once last night I
> > a message in the out.going folder.  But it disappeared quickly.
> That's "proper", messages with just local groups are removed from
> out.going. This is still a mess and needs fixing.
> > /var/log/messages show's nothing out of the ordinary regarding leafnode.
> > just show's accepted connections.  No posting's or anything.  Can anyone
> > think of anything else I should be looking at or trying?  Thanks,
> I am releasing a work-in-progress snapshot of my current 2.0b8 patch
> series, labeled 2.0b8_ma2.1-alpha, I believe it fixes your problem, at
> least, locally, it shows my postings to local.test at once. Remember to
> write your local groups into /etc/leafnode/local.groups. Find it at the
> same place:
>         http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/testing/
> It has not undergone serious testing, it has spoiled formatting which I
> need to revert before I can call it 2.0b8_ma3. There is no ChangeLog
> ATM, diff against 2.0b8_ma2 if you're interested.
> BEWARE: I only compiled it on SuSE Linux 7.0. It is mostly untested. It
> may eat your entire newsspool and do other weird things. NOT FOR
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