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Re: [leafnode-list] alpha-do-not-use-work-in-progress-release: 2.0b8_ma2.1-alpha (was: Post's don't show up!)

> It might actually be Outlook Express that fools you, or that you did not
> try 2.0b8_ma2.1-alpha. I hope to release a new 2.0b8_ma within a couple
> of hours, stay tuned.

I tried with netscape(linux 4.72 and win 6.0 versions)  I tried with Tin and
with Forte News Agent and of course Outlook express.  None of the post's
would ever show up if I just created the group.  The group would show
up...and the server would appear to accept the posts, no error's were
returned when the article was posted.  The only way the newly created group
would accept post's would be to do a /usr/local/sbin/checkgroups and then
all of the above mentioned news readers could post messages and have them
show up.  I  did alot of testing as far as trying to get post's to show up
without having to do checkgroups.  But in the end...that is the only way
post's would ever show up.


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