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[leafnode-list] leafnode does not upload articles


I just subscribed here to be able to solve this particular problem, sorry
:-). I've searched the archive on "doesn't upload" "does not send" and
similar strings, but being unable to find anything, I must ask you for help.

One day featchnews stopped uploading any articles. I didn't do anything with
configuration, didn't touch /etc/leafnode/config nor any files in /var. It
just stopped working -- the articles from local network appear in the
/var/spool/news/out.going directory, but are not being sent to the Usenet.

Until now I always started fetchnews with -vvv, and could see how first it
connects, then uploads articles. Now it connects and immediately downloads
articles; it doesn't even _attempt_ to upload. (which, if it would, could
mean that the server is now 'read-only' or something -- but it doesn't even

I hope the answer is obvious to you. To me -- it isn't (I searched the FAQ,
too). So: please help, and thank you very much in advance :-).

Adam Podstawczyński
Linuksłownik: http://kolos.math.uni.lodz.pl/ap/linukslownik/

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