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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode does not upload articles


> One day featchnews stopped uploading any articles. I didn't do anything with
> configuration, didn't touch /etc/leafnode/config nor any files in /var. It
> just stopped working 

That is what everybody says :-)

> -- the articles from local network appear in the
> /var/spool/news/out.going directory, but are not being sent to the Usenet.

> articles; it doesn't even _attempt_ to upload. (which, if it would, could
> mean that the server is now 'read-only' or something -- but it doesn't even
> try).

fetchnews only tries to post articles if it receives a 200
(posting ok) reply code when it connects. If the server says 201
(no posting) fetchnews doesn't try. Check this out by doing

telnet your.news.server 119

> I hope the answer is obvious to you. To me -- it isn't (I searched the FAQ,
> too). So: please help, and thank you very much in advance :-).

Which version of leafnode do you run? What are the permissions of
the files in /var/spool/news? If that still doesn't help generate
a debug log (debugmode=1 for leafnode-1.9.x debugmode=2 for


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