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[leafnode-list] Newbie Leafnode questions

I have installed Leafnode 2.0b8 on redhat linux box mainly as a server for
local newsgroups and this is working well.

The query I have is that I have also configured it to read our ISPs news
servers news groups and I am not sure what or how it is supposed to work as
I am not used to news servers.

First of all, I ran fetch and this populated the news groups with data from
the remote server but no postings.  All ok so far.

Then users tried to subscribe to some of the news groups on the remote
server and no postings appeared. I then ran fetch again.  This ran for about
45 minutes and I began to get a bit suspicious/worried.  When I looked in
/var/spool/news the fetch seemed to be downloading all postings for all news
groups, using about 500MB of disk space.  I thought it only downloaded
postings for groups that were subscribed to.  Is this not the case or have I
not done something right in confgiuring the system?

If this is the case and Leafnode only downloads postings for groups that
have been subscribed to do you need to run fetch straight away as soon as a
remote news group has been subscribed to.  How do you do this in practice?

Final question is that I have set up local news groups.  I read somewhere
that news gets propagated by linking all the news servers together.  By
linking my local news server to my ISP's news server are my news groups
going to be accessible from my ISP's news server?

Thanks for any help.


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