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Re: [leafnode-list] Newbie Leafnode questions

>Then users tried to subscribe to some of the news groups on the remote
>server and no postings appeared. I then ran fetch again.  This ran for about
>45 minutes and I began to get a bit suspicious/worried.  When I looked in
>/var/spool/news the fetch seemed to be downloading all postings for all news
>groups, using about 500MB of disk space.  I thought it only downloaded
>postings for groups that were subscribed to.  Is this not the case or have I
>not done something right in confgiuring the system?

It sounds as though one of your users is using a product which counts the 
articles in every group when they look at them, even if they don't actively 
'subscribe'.  That way, leafnode thinks that every group has become 

Check out the interesting.groups file, that's the one it fetches articles 

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