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Re: [leafnode-list] Newbie Leafnode questions

On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 10:26:46AM -0000, Shaun Campbell wrote:
> First of all, I ran fetch and this populated the news groups with data from
> the remote server but no postings.  All ok so far.

*Please*, it is fetchnews. But we already had that today.

> postings for groups that were subscribed to.  Is this not the case or have I
> not done something right in confgiuring the system?

fetchnews downloads all new postings in groups it is subscribed
to, i.e. every group you find a correspondingly named file for in
the interesting.groups directory.

> If this is the case and Leafnode only downloads postings for groups that
> have been subscribed to do you need to run fetch straight away as soon as a
> remote news group has been subscribed to.  

No, this is not necessary. Of course, you will only see posts in
the newly subscribed group after you've run fetchnews.

> Final question is that I have set up local news groups.  I read somewhere
> that news gets propagated by linking all the news servers together.  By

This is true for `big' newsservers. Leafnode behaves like a
newsreader when it fetches articles from the remote server.

> linking my local news server to my ISP's news server are my news groups
> going to be accessible from my ISP's news server?

No. But please configure your inetd like it is suggested in the


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