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[leafnode-list] wish lists?

One thing I've not seen mentioned, so forgive me if it has and I missed it, 
is the ability to dictate which upstream servers to use for which 
'collections' of groups.

For example, I collect news from three sources,

server-a : all groups, except for isp2.*
server-b : all groups, except for isp1.* and isp2.*
server-c : only isp2.* groups

and send them back to two sources,

server-a : all groups except for isp2.* groups
server-c : only isp2.* groups

I don't do anything fancy like move news between servers.

At the moment, I achieve this using DNews, because leafnode can't manage 
this process.

Is it there, but I missed it, is it coming, or is it nowhere near the wish 
list because I'm the only one that wants it?

Tony Evans
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