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Re: [leafnode-list] wish lists?

Tony Evans wrote:

> For example, I collect news from three sources,
> server-a : all groups, except for isp2.*
> server-b : all groups, except for isp1.* and isp2.*
> server-c : only isp2.* groups
> and send them back to two sources,
> server-a : all groups except for isp2.* groups
> server-c : only isp2.* groups
> I don't do anything fancy like move news between servers.
> At the moment, I achieve this using DNews, because leafnode can't manage 
> this process.

It is correct that Leafnode cannot be configured to send news to
only certain servers. However, it does a (IMO) pretty good job
sending news to the correct servers.

If your setup is typical, then you are probably allowed to post to
servers a and c but not to server b. fetchnews figures this out by
itself and will not try to deliver any articles to server b. Further-
more, leafnode will detect whether certain groups are only present
on certain servers (possibly server-c in your example above which
seems to hold only isp2.* groups) and therefore not attempt posting
of articles to other groups to this server.

If your setup is more complicated, things may differ, but in that
case, it has not been asked for very frequently.


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