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Re: [leafnode-list] wish lists?

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Tony Evans wrote:

> Ah, I can post to server-b, but do not wish to.  Also, the groups isp1.* 
> and isp2.* exist on all the servers, because other people have accidentally 
> created them, but they are not propagated, and they should only be on the 
> relevant servers.
> For example, one batch of groups are called ntl.*, and while they do exist 
> on many servers, only users of the NTL ISP can post to them on the NTL 
> servers, and so I wish to restrict posting of them to server-c.

I have this problem as well, the big news services (my new ISP uses
Supernews) seem to have pretty poor group management.  It's the downstream
feed that bothers me more than the upstream, though, because my "server-b"
has an active spam filter.  Except 90% of the stuff server-b blocks I end
up downloading from Supernews anyway.

Right now I run a version of the spam filter locally (feeding message IDs
into applyfilter), but a way to block hierarchies from a particular server
would definitely be appreciated.

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