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Re: [leafnode-list] Header Problem

Tsen Yang Kwong schrieb am Dienstag, den 20. März 2001:

> I have a problem in downloading the articles. after the download of them
> leafnode puts 3 lines under the downloaded Header but in a wrong way. So
> the syntax of the header is not correct anymore...  I think becoz of the
> empty line between the original header and the leafnode addtional
> header.  


> Can someone tell me how I can tell leafnode not to add the Xref Link and
> the Content headers?

The Xref should not have been posted in the first place, leafnode does
not seem to treat this too good, but in the end, leafnode will place an
own Xref header there for tracking X-Posts, so you cannot tell leafnode
to not include the header.

Which leafnode version does this report refer to?

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