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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews: slow and hung

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> My guess would be that BeroList eats a multiline Content-Type header.

The test mail I sent to the list, with the Subject "IGNORE
THIS<LF><HTAB>test mail for...", supports this, the folded part of the
header line is visible in an X-Received: line, the Subject has been

> Same happened with Mark's message :-/ Unfortunately I have absolutely
> no way of looking at an incoming message before it is mangled by
> BeroList.
> BTW, leafnode.org was down this morning due to a power failure. It
> seems everything is fine again now.

Knipp, who are providing the other of the two name servers for
leafnode.org, suffered from software trouble with their BIND [*] which
their guard software did not detect, thus, until wpxx02 was back online,
there was no name service for leafnode.org. 

Knipp did not say what exact problem they've had, but ns3.knipp.de is
fixed now and providing service again.

Although not in charge for leafnode.org, I had meddled and I had
notified them of the trouble.

I've sent Cornelius the entire correspondence in private mail.

[*] some people call it the buggy internet name daemon

Matthias Andree

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