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Re: [leafnode-list] BUG leafnode-1.9.18ma4: wrong config dir

Uwe Koloska <uwe.koloska@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> to get leafnode at full speed ;-) I downloaded the ma4 version and tried to 
> install.  No problems beside that the config dir is /usr/etc/

> Yes, I used "--sysconfdir=/etc/leafnode" and tested with "--with-confdir" 
> but the path in "config.c" is always set to "/usr/etc".  Maybe it's because 
> the other option to ./configure is "--prefix=/usr"?  On the other hand I 
> haven't found any code in ./configure that writes config.c ...

This is strange, I just unpacked leafnode-1.9.18ma4, ran configure like

        ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc/leafnode --prefix=/usr

then ran 

        make config.c

and got this result (cat config.c):

        const char *spooldir = "/var/spool/news" ;
        const char *sysconfdir = "/etc/leafnode" ;
        const char *lockfile = "/var/lock/news/fetchnews.lck" ;
        const char *version  = "1.9.18ma4" ;

So I might need more information on how to reproduce the problem. What
did you do, what did you get: what exactly did config.c look like? What
system did this happen on, if it's Linux, what distribution and version
is it? What other options did configure get? What's your default shell?
What's your default bourne shell (ash/ksh/pdksh/bash/sh, not csh/tcsh)?

config.c is generated by the Makefile as soon as some other module
requests config.o, or on demand as shown above.

Matthias Andree

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