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Re: [leafnode-list] call for help: Managing leafnode's future - priorized TODO

Joerg Dietrich schrieb am Dienstag, den 27. März 2001:

> > 3.4 postarticles is a horrible mess. It deletes the articles IMMEDIATELY
> >     if it's available on a server.
> Put this higher. At least 2.3.

Cornelius is reluctant to change the functionality. I suggested multiple
server queues and getting rid of delposted(), but I feel I'm not getting
this past Cornelius, it would be an -ma series feature.

> > 4.4 can fetchnews cope with servers that reject XOVER? (Matthias)
> No, but with all current implementation and esp. since the
> release of RFC 2980 this is a non-issue.

I feel it should not be too hard to issue HEAD, but this may well be
postponed until after 2.0 IMHO.

> > 4.4 nntpd Control-Nachrichten und Artikel in moderierte Newsgroups
> >     werden auch angezeigt. (Letzteres ist u.U. gar nicht so tragisch,
> >     denn es verhindert, dass Newbies ihre "moderierten" Postings
> >     wiederholt abschicken.)
> This should be 1.1 (at least the moderated part). It violates 
> RFCs and might lead to confusion if a posting is not approved by
> the moderator and another local user follows up to it. If I had
> time I would fix this immediately (will not happen before May).

Hum. Should the poster be mailed a copy of the article that's been sent
to the moderators if the Path is empty (i. e. on initial submission)?
OTOH, mailing is done by the server the article is posted on, so we
don't have headers, we can just say "your article (copy attached) has
been posted to a moderated newsgroup, it will take some hours for it to
show up".

> 2.1 Posts to moderated groups are sent via all upstream servers
> leading to moderators receiving several incarnations of the same
> article.


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