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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode-warning today

> Hello,
> 17:59:10root@penti600:/home/hannes# fetchnews -vv
> 1.9.18: verbosity level is 2
> Trying to connect to news.cis.dfn.de ... connected.
> Getting new newsgroups from news.cis.dfn.de
> warning: news.cis.dfn.de does not process LIST NEWSGROUPS
> alt.tv.tv-nation correctly: use nodesc
> What´s kind of warning is that?

Two possibilities:

1. Your upstream does not understand the command
   "LIST NEWSGROUPS alt.tv.tv-nation" correctly and produces a listing
   of all newsgroups on the server.

2. (the case for news.cis.dfn.de)
   "LIST NEWSGROUPS alt.tv.tv-nation" produces two lines of output
   instead of one. Just ignore it, it won't happen again :-)

(This code could be optimized. At the moment, fetchnews just counts
 the number of lines returned by LIST NEWSGROUPS news.group.name
 and produces the above warning if more than one line is returned.
 It would be more correct to produce the warning only if there is
 one line returned which does not contain news.group.name as the
 first word.)


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