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[leafnode-list] Leafwa-0.5.2 released

Leafwa is a web-based administration package for Leafnode.

Leafwa allows the user to view which newsgroups Leafnode is
reading news from, to manually subscribe to and unsubscribe
from newsgroups, and to view and edit the list of unsent
messages waiting to be uploaded to the remote news server. 

With the advent of Leafnode 2.0, Leafwa also allows you to
maintain Leafnode's local newsgroups. 

Changes from 0.5.0: 
   * newsq.phtml and related pages no longer rely on DBM-style
     databases to work
   * User survey minor bug fixed
   * minor cosmetic changes

(Some people have asked why version numbers sometimes miss
one out, like the jump from 0.5.0 to 0.5.2. This is because I
sometimes make intermediate versions as a baseline for changes
so I can easily backtrack. If Leafwa was a bigger system, I'd
use a proper version control system, but this suits me for 

   Leafwa is a web-based program. It runs on Linux and other
   Unix systems. Leafwa is mostly written in PHP; it requires 
   that you have PHP, Apache, and Leafnode already running on your 
   system (most Linux distros include these). Other dependencies 
   are Awk, the Bourne Shell and sudo. You also need a web browser,
   of course. 
Licence:    GNU GPL.

Web page:   <http://www.comuno.com/linux/leafwa/intro.html>
Download:   <http://www.comuno.com/linux/leafwa/leafwa-0.5.2.tgz>
Author:     Philip Hunt <phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

If you have used Leafwa and have any comments/feedback you want to
make, I'd like to hear it.

***** Phil Hunt ***** 
"An unforseen issue has arisen with your computer. Don't worry your silly 
little head about what has gone wrong; here's a pretty animation of a 
paperclip to look at instead."
         -- Windows2007 error message

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