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[leafnode-list] Leafnode's news queue

In Leafnode, when a message is posted from a newsreader, that
message gets put on Leafnode's news queue, so it can be uploaded

In leafnode 1.x, the message isn't immediately added to the news

However, in Leafnode 2.0, it is, so that you can see it from a 
newsreader. However, if someone goes into the news queue and
edits the messages there, then the altered messages will get sent to
the upsteam news server(s).

But, the *unaltered* message will still be in leafnode's news database. So
anyone reading news from that database will be looking at a different
version of thwe message from what the rest of the world sees (that's
assuming the alteration kept the message id the same -- if it was altered,
both messages appear in leafnode's database).

Is there any way of modifying leafnode so that when a message is changed
in the news queue, this change is reflected in the news database?

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