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[leafnode-list] Re: Welcome to leafnode-list@wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de

Hi, all the Leafnodians!

First of all, merely a word of thanks, and, or thanks a lot can never
a real appreciation you all deserve for your contributions to
You linuxian/uninxian guys are made of, but from a different mud.

As I am a new member to this leafnode-list, I have a few questions
related  to the Leafnode's development and future plans. On April 07,
2001,  I down- loaded a beta source "Leafnode-2.0b8.tar.gz" dated
January 10, 2001 while trying and, or testing I made many a
additions, deletions and  some small modifications to the source. I am
eager to share my version with all of you any others:

1. Who takes care of the version control of Leafnode?
2. Am I allowed to package a new version, though beta till yet?
3. Where do I ftp this, and dose that needs authentication?
4. If yes, how do I get permission and, or privilege for the ftp?

I was unable to find and download source for the Leafnode+-2.12-3 in
format, do you have any pointers?

I learnt from Leafnode+'s site that you have plans to merge the best
features of these into one, but when? Could I be of any help in this


Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman <bsd@xxxxxxxxxx>
SysAdmin and Educationalist

Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot)
Kernel 2.2.16-3 on an i586, KDE 2.0.3, Netscape 4.75

Linux is much, much better; not the best as yet!
Do you too work on making a difference?

version 2.0b8

2001-04-09 Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman <bsd@xxxxxxxxxx>
- Major -
	* rnews: the name rnews conflicts with INN, hence changed its name 
	to 'snews' now. I feel that testing and debugging would a lot easy, 
	if we could run along this beta 'Leafnode' and INN on same machine
	simultaneously. Please correct me, I perhaps, may be wrong.
	Added a new directory /var/spool/leafnode/cached.groups, for better 
	administration, and looking at the things. Same here, isn't it more 
	elegant to keep the leafnode news spool separate from INN and avoid
	unwanted conflicts in future.
	Removed all the undesired dummy_func()'s, these consume memory, and
	one should never define these kind of useless functions. There are, 
	or can be many other better alternatives/tricks to influence ANSI
	Updated most of the scripts and Makefile.in accordingly. However, 
	the modifications to *update.sh* are delayed and, or pending.
- General -

	Reformatted this ChangeLog, if you too use 'mcedit' you will love 
	it, though it may not suit others. 
	* applyfilter: reported '0 articles deleted, n kept', incorrectly so
	corrected it. Also edited and corrected 'applyfilter.8.in' somewhat
	to make it more readable.
	* checkgroups.8.in: corrected typo error, line number 17, br should
	have been .br instead. BTW is it necessary to put a reference here
	for tcpd (8) and hosts.allow (5), I am afraid.
	I have made many miner corrections to almost all the man pages, and
	the config.example, FAQ and README.html file, need not to mention 
	all these over here. (README text is dependent, on its HTML version 
	as per Makefile.in). 
	* Additions: added filters.sample, though I have not fully tested
	this filtering functionality of other Leafnode programs.
	Added an example local.groups file, this may contain comments and,
	or even blank lines now. I have modified the 'localutil.c' also.

	* texpire.cron: created a small script, putting this in directory
	/etc/cron.weekly or the like could be useful to automate running
	'texpire' weekly. Copy it by hand to an appropriate place.