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[leafnode-list] Problems serving news to Netscape on windows98

Hello All

    Ive been having trouble serving news to  win98 machines runnig
Netscape 4.7 as a news reader

The news shows up and can be read, but marking messages "read" in NS
dosnt remove them from showing up and switching from one group to
another locks up NS so I have to ctrl alt delete to close netscape (this
is a problem...)

I have leafnode version 1.9.18 running nightly via cron On SuSE 7.1

I want to implement Leafnode to distribute news to my 5 machine network
of mainly Windows 9x machines using NS 4.7

The delivered news dosnt seem to "behave" eg -mark as read- still shows,
switching xroups locks NS

Ive got Leafnode all set up but really need to resolve this problem,
switching NS is out of the question

any help would be most appreciated


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