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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Welcome to

Matthias Andree wrote:
> You may send a unified diff of your modified sources against Cornelius'
> 2.0b8 (or context diff, but unified diff is a lot easier to read and
> also takes up fewer lines) to Cornelius; may I ask that I get a Cc: to
> see what I can take in my version? Cornelius merges some of my changes
> from time to time.
Yes, I should have, I however have reformatted the entire source with 
"indent", sorry -- any diff would be useless for you in my case.

> You may of course upload your patch and/or your patched version to "your
> own" FTP or web site.
That's a good idea, but I will do that, only after testing and bug
Though I have made a miner contribution. But,I am determined to
Leafnode positively. FYKI I have totally modified the buggy
readfilter() in
filterutil.c and now we can define rule sets in more simple way:

## Here is how easily you can avoid "fast money" -type postings from
## newsgroups; the * matches all!

newsgroups = *
action = kill
pattern = ^Date:.*(1999|2000)	
pattern = ^From: respondby@xxxxxxxx
pattern = ^Subject: (\<Cash\>|<fastcash>|\c\<MONEY\>)
pattern = ^Subject:.*fast.?money
pattern = ^Subject:.*[Ff]ast.?[Mm]ony
pattern = ^Subject: (FREE>|Re: FREE>|\$MONEY)
pattern = ^Subject: (\^!\+ \+|\$\$*|<make \+\$)

## The next example shows how to avoid articles in a specific
newsgroup or
## groups unless they deal with a certain subject:

newsgroups = alt.computer.consultants
action = select
pattern = ^Subject:.*([Ll]inux|[Uu]nix)
# Otherwise select, on score
action = +10
pattern = ^Subject:.*

# Give lesser marks to M$ Windoze XX
action = -10
pattern = ^Subject:.*[Ww]indos+\s([95|98|ME|NT])

In this way the previously defined newsgroup wildmat remains effective
until we define a new one, and same is true for actions, but not
and, or expressions like 'maxage', 'minlines' etc.

> Personally, I don't have, but AFAICT, the merge is unlikely in the near
> future.
That's bad.


Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman <bsd@xxxxxxxxxx>
SysAdmin and Educationalist

"Linux is much, much better; not the best as yet!
Do you too work on making a difference?"

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