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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Welcome to

Balwinder Singh wrote:
> Matthias Andree wrote:


> > Isn't the r for receive? If so, rnews_leafnode or rnews-ln might be
> > suggestions worthwhile considering.
> But, the manpage says - it sorts news articles into your Leafnode's
> news spool ... news batches downloaded by other means. 

I am completely unfamiliar with UUCP but it appears to me that, on
an INN-based system, you usually "download" batched news with uucp
and feed them into the spool with rnews. That's exactly what the
rnews in leafnode-2.0b is supposed to do. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

BTW, I will be giving a talk about leafnode next Tuesday in Berlin on
the annual DECUS (German Compaq user group) meeting. Suffice to say
that I am quite worried about this :-) (The transparencies of the talk
will be available from www.leafnode.org, but I'll announce that separately.)


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