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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Welcome to

Matthias Andree wrote:

> *shrug* Well, that's not actually a problem, since I also use indent on
> my 2.0b8_ma* spinoffs - however, we'd need to negotiate the indent
> options. OTOH, if you unpack the original source (before you modified),
> run it through indent, and then diff, you're getting your changes again,
> in a unified diff possibly, this will allow for a manual merge of
> relevant parts. I'm not too inclined to manually extract changes.
That's is good work around, I can do it for you. What about others?
> > FYKI I have totally modified the buggy readfilter() in filterutil.c
> > and now we can define rule sets in more simple way:
> If that's coming along with a decent manual (commonly requested in
> de.comm.software.newsserver), that's going to be pretty attractive.
Yes, along with a _filters.sample_ and modified manpages
applyfilter(8), fetchnews(5) and fetchnews(8) all inclueded.

I have not modified _rnews_ till yet, the original is not making any
use of this *filtering* presently. Why sort un-filtered news, and then
use applyfilter one by one to every other newsroup which have been
updated by _rnews_ recently. It is not that easy to track what the
plane old _rnews_ have done with the batches. So I wish I could have 
automated this too via _rnews_ itself.

FYI, I have planned to implement _forbidden.groups_ also.


Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman <bsd@xxxxxxxxxx>
SysAdmin and Educationalist

"Linux is much, much better; not the best as yet!
Do you too work on making a difference?"

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