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Re: [leafnode-list] Newsclient doesn't get any news from leafnode

juergen.salk@xxxxxx wrote:
> Sebastian Stein wrote:
> > I used KNodes as my newsreader. But then, something must
> > have changed, maybe I restarted my system (Suse 7.0, Kernel 2.2.16).
> > Now fetchnews receives articles and I can log into leafnode with
> > telnet. No problem. The newsclient (I also tried pine) doesn't
> > display any error message, but it doesn't display
> > the new fetched messages (no body, no header). The number
> > of articles avaible in the NG isn't updated as well.
> > But I can find all the fetched articles on my harddisk
> > under /usr/spool/news.
> > I don't understand this.
> I have seen a similar behavior when I played with an old knode
> version quite some time ago. The articles did show up in tin
> but they didn't with knode until running texpire. Have not
> checked with pine, though.
> I think this is more a problem with knode rather than leafnode.
> Best regards - Juergen.

Sorry no. As I already stated this *is* a leafnode problem working with some
news readers (slrn for example).

The fetchnews process in some circumstances corrupts the groupinfo file.
In fetchnews.c, you have to *suppress* those two lines:
	    g->first = 1;
	    g->last = 1;

Running texpire will of course repair the altered groupinfo file :>
(but the newsreader's .newsrc file is already corrupted with slrn at last)


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