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Re: [leafnode-list] Newsclient doesn't get any news from leafnode

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> o.rousseaux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> [articles do not pop up in the newsreader]
> > Sorry no. As I already stated this *is* a leafnode problem working with some
> > news readers (slrn for example).
> >
> > The fetchnews process in some circumstances corrupts the groupinfo file.
> > In fetchnews.c, you have to *suppress* those two lines:
> >           g->first = 1;
> >           g->last = 1;
> I agree that this is a bug. But it does not fit the description because
> it strikes only if a group is automatically marked uninteresting and
> then again marked interesting. Otherwise, there will be no problem.

Yes, but selecting with your news reader the "automatically marked
uninteresting" group turns again those groups automatically as "interesting"
(without restoring the good pointers in the groupinfo file).

> In this case, running texpire also will only help if there are some
> articles of this uninteresting group left in the spool. Otherwise,
> texpire will not change the groupinfo file.

Yes again, but this is often the case.

> (Hmmm. Should we release leafnode-1.9.19?)

Why not ?
There are certainly other things to fix since 1.9.18...

I think this bug is very "disconcerting".
( but invisible with tin with uses "listgroup" before "xover" ).

- If you use slrn, the .newsrc file loses the mapping on articles for that
- If there are articles left in the spool, new downloaded articles will be
2, 3, 4 ect. (if those numbers are not already used).
(of course this is not the case if you run texpire before)


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