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[leafnode-list] Changes for Leafnode-1.9.19?

I think it may be sensible to release another leafnode-1.9 version
before getting to release the first stable 2.0. Therefore I invite
suggestions for leafnode-1.9.19 (no implementations of new features,
just bugfixes). So far, I have:


History of 1.9.19 -- changes since 1.9.18:

- nntpactive(): To avoid a compiler warning, we let strftime()
  produce a four-digit year; in the next line, we skip the
  first two digits, though. Code written by Matthias Andree
- getgroup(): removed reset of group numbers when a group was unsubscribed.
  Suggested by o.rousseaux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


- moved various #include statements to the top of the file to make
  leafnode also compile on IRIX 6.2. Reported by Gerhard Lenerz

- removed message about disregarding warning when making fetchnews because
  the warning does not occur anymore.



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