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[leafnode-list] local groups, What is required?

I'm running leafnode 2.0b8_ma3 preview on a 
Suse 6.4 system.

Is it neccesary to run some leafnode tool 
before new local groups will be avail 
to newsclients ?

I inserted a line for a local group in 
/etc/leafnode/local.groups, but the ng didn't show up 
in my newsreader after "get new grouplist". 

## line in /etc/leafnode/local.groups
save.comp.lang.c++.moderated     CACHED of comp.lang.c++.moderated

After the next news download with fetchnews 
a directory named  $SPOOLDIR/save/comp/lang/c++/moderated
was created and usabel in my reader.

In addition to the entry in /etc/leafnode/local.groups
there is an empty  _directory_ named local.groups in 
my news spool. Is that required ? 

Volker Apelt               Group of Prof. Dr. Ch. Griesinger
                           Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet
                           Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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