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[leafnode-list] leafnode 2.0b8_ma3 released



That site also carries a current ChangeLog.txt and TODO which are drawn
from 2.0b8_ma3.

WARNING! Comes without rnews for the moment. rnews is really broken.

- --with-ipv6 is gone, because IPv6 is auto-detected (check sys/socket.h
for AF_INET6)

WARNING: delposted is deactivated, it has wreaked havoc. Make sure you
run fetchnews or at least fetchnews -P on a regular basis (at least once
daily) so you don't generate dupes. Per-server out.going queues are Not
Yet There[TM].


2.0b8_ma3 compiles on SuSE Linux 7.0 (i386), FreeBSD 4.3 (i386), Solaris
7 and Solaris 8 (ultrasparc), with a few warnings. The FreeBSD and Linux
warnings should not harm, the Solaris warnings (cast alignment issues)
will require research and testing. gcc 3.0 will report some warnings for
headers. Some functions are unfinished (donewnews) and throw warnings.

Summary (by no means complete):

2.0b8_ma3 features a lot of bugfixes, among them file permission fixes
and robustness fixes. It takes note of a lot of newly found bugs in
TODO, FIXME's in the sources, \bug in the sources, it has partial
support for Doxygen, fixes the locking bug, fixes the "article may not
reach local groups after nntpd.c has acknowledged receipt" and is
believed to speed quick posts from local readers up (although postings
may appear delayed, check for feedincoming and in.coming).

It fixes the fetchnews SIGSEGV that has been reported in
de.comm.software.newsserver. It fixes another SIGSEGV when fetchnews is
called with -f. It incorporates fixes that are based on Stefan Wiens'
fixes to get proper article counts (No, we don't round to zero, but get
actual counts QUICK.)

It features automatic IPv6 detection and better PCRE detection on
FreeBSD at compile-time. (If you have PCRE installed, but leafnode fails
to detect it, please report with uname -a output and the location of
your pcre.h and libpcre.so.0 and libpcre.a files.)

autoconf has been updated, configure is a lot faster, especially on

Some places have enhanced logging ("expiring message.id").

2.0b8_ma3 has experienced internal streamlining, but a lot remains to be
done. If you have a bug that's not listed in my TODO (which is available
separately at the above URL), *please* report.

Many changes prefer maintainability over efficiency. We need to bash the
bugs out first before we can tune.

2.0b8_ma3 does not yet incorporate Stefan Wiens' new texpire.

At about the same time, I've received a detailed mail from Stefan Wiens
about bugs in the June-5-WIP version, several of them persist in
2.0b8_ma3. (Not few of them would have never happened with Ada 95 +
Garbage Collector, C sucks).

- -- 
Matthias Andree

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