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[leafnode-list] Leafwa-0.6.0 released

I have just released Leafwa version 0.6.0.

Leafwa is a web-based administration package for Leafnode.
It allows the user to view which newsgroups Leafnode is
reading news from, to manually subscribe to and unsubscribe
from newsgroups, and to view and edit the list of unsent
messages waiting to be uploaded to the remote news server. 

With the advent of Leafnode 2.0, Leafwa also allows you to
maintain Leafnode's local newsgroups, creating and deleting
them. You can also delete individual messages in local

New features in 0.6.0:

The main change is the addition of Kevin Bulgrien's 
improvements to the local newsgroup system. Now you can 
properly delete local newsgroups (this wasn't working very 
well before), and also inspect and delete messages to local 

Other changes include: improvements and bugfixes in the User 
Survey, adding new help pages.

Leafwa is available from:
Leafwa is licenced under the GNU GPL.

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